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An unofficial homepage dedicated to Elias Koteas.   

About Me


Hi. My name is Mary and I'm a retired Chief Petty Officer from the United States Navy. I've served as a Navy journalist for 20 years and retired in August 2003.  My job took me all over the world (the saying 'join the Navy and see the world') is certainly true!  In fact, the ship I was stationed on in Japan, was in Cairns, Australia around the time the movie "The Thin Red Line" was being filmed in Australia, only I didn't know it at the time! 

I now work for the Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) in Indiana.  in my spare time, I run an online e-store for homeschool and educational books and material.

My interest in Elias began when I took my daughter to see "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" a few years ago. While she was watching the Turtles battle the evil whatevers, I first spied Casey Jones! I didn't know it was Elias at the time and a few years later when I rented "Crash" I left the movie fascinated with the character of Vaughan. Granted, the movie's subject matter is not everyone's cup of tea, but today, Vaughan remains my favorite character Elias has portrayed.

I wanted to find out more about him after viewing "Crash" and when I heard some of his other movies, I realized that I had seen and admired him all along, but just didn't know it! Like I said on the main page, I just didn't put two and two together. I mean, up to that time I had seen some of his other movies (besides Turtles, "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Tucker," "Almost and Angel" and "Look who's Talking Too.") When I finally realized who he was, I was hooked and I'm proud to say he is firmly in my heart as my favorite actor!

I have since purchased most of Elias' major movies. All the mini-synopsis linked from the movies page are the movies I own and have seen him in. I feel I can't adequately do a homepage on someone without the proper research and background to better understand the subject matter. I am always looking for copies of his early movies or those not released on video, so I'm willing to negotiate a trade with anyone who may have some movies I haven't seen. Please drop me a line!

I humbly dedicate this page to Elias and hope that you get enjoyment out of reading it as I have out of creating it. I'd love to hear from anyone else who is a fan of Elias. Oh, and should the real Elias Koteas stop by, thank you for being you and please let me know how you like my page.

I also would like to thank Rob Decker for his homepage that started it all. Because of him, I found the enthusiasm to research and swap info with him and the courage to actually put a page together. Rob and I call each other "Elias' tied for #1 fan" and I think our two pages show that!  Rob is an Army reservist who was activated and is now overseas. 

Because of Elias, I have become a fan of movies directed by Atom Egoyan and I have made several friends through our mutual interests in Elias and Atom. I'd love to hear from any other fans of Elias' or Atom's work, so, please e-mail me.

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