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Why "Haunting" recalls Amityville for star Elias Koteas

by Ian Spelling, SciFi Wire

Koteas has trouble separating his life and work
Scripps Howard News Service, Jan. 20, 04
By Luaine Lee

Mom writes Erotic Screenplays to Support Family
Playbill review
By Kenneth Jones

Drug Running
N.Y. Post review of "Traffic"
By Linda Stasi

Not just a drug bust anymore
N.Y. Times review of "Traffic"
By Alessandra Stanley

No Traffic Clone
N.Y. Daily News Traffic Review

Third "Traffic" adds terrorism and immigration
N.Y. Daily Times Traffic Review
By Hugh Hart

Simone review
Film freak central
By Walter Chaw

Elias Koteasí Best Shot
Elias Koteas takes no prisoners, makes no apologies
By Quendrith Johnson

Brother's Sad Tale
Review of "Shot in the Heart,"
By Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle,
-- Oct. 12, 2001

Brother's Keeper
Article on "Shot in the Heart,"
By Steve Pond -- Oct. 13, 2001, TV Guide, Cox Cable

Blood Brother
Review on "Shot in the Heart,"
By Joe Friedrich -- Oct. 13, 2001, TV Guide

The Inside Film Interview with Elias Koteas
An interview on The Thin Red Line

Noir Way Out
In an ominous hotel, a miserable bellhop gets caught in an all-too-familiar web of intrigue and doom.
By Jonathan Lethem,

Big Bang Theory
Crash tries to eroticize death but skids into an artsy void
By Owen Oleiberman, Entertainment Weekly Review






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