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An unofficial homepage dedicated to Elias Koteas.   



Root: Elijah


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord is my God

Majestic: deserving of credit for good deeds.

Personality: His attitude is always cheerful.

Genuine: Shoots straight from the heart.

Style: Always knows what to do.

Ability: A person whose achievements are stunning.

Character: He is the essence of God.

Sentiment: Has a special feel for life.

Physical: Likes everything in an orderly fashion.

Other variants of Elias

Nicknames and/or short form: Eli

Alternate form(s): Eliott, Elliot, Ellis

Bulgarian form: Ilija

Czech form: Ilja

Farsi (Persian) form: Ilya

Polish form: Eljasz

Russian form(s): Ilya, Eelia

Serbian form: Ilija

Spanish form: Elías.

Swedish form(s): Elis

Alternate Form of: Elijah


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Did you know?...

* The name Elias ranked 452nd in popularity for males of  all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census. (Source: Baby Namer).

* In Spanish, this name is spelled with an accent -- Elías.

* This name is used in English, Greek, Spanish and Hungarian. Its source is Eliyahu, a Hebrew name meaning "God is lord."

* It was Walt Disney's middle name!Elias and his Great Dane Beckett.

* At one time, Elias washed dishes and bussed tables in New York for $1 an hour because he wasn't a U.S. citizen and couldn't work in this country.

* Elias originally planned to be an architect or a civil engineer.

* Elias' middle names are Dimitrios Theoni.

* Elias had a Great Dane named Beckett.

* Elias has a "Bacon" factor of
ONE (Elias was in Novocaine with
Kevin Bacon.

* Fired after one day of rehearsals from the film adaptation of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) because of his failure to grasp the vocal nuances of the role. He credits the experience with making him a better actor.

* Save for a few classes with Montreal drama teacher Ann Page, he had little acting experience when he was accepted to New York's American Academy for Dramatic Arts.


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