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An unofficial homepage dedicated to Elias Koteas.   

Ellustrious Elias


Okay, so I spelled 'illustrious' wrong, but hey, I'm entitled to some alliteration and Elias is entitled to some poetic justice ! Anyway, below are some photos of him at various stages in his career.

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CSI N.Y. photos (May 21, 2008):


House photos (May 23, 2006):





Young publicity photo (left).

Elias with his Great Dane Beckett.


Scenes from "The Adjuster." (Above)
My thanks goes to Johnnie Eisen for his kind permission to use two personal photos of Elias from his portfolio.  Used with kind permission of the photographer

Young publicity photo (left).  "Crash" scenes (right).

As Capt. Staros from "The Thin Red Line."


"Crash" scenes.


"Apt Pupil."

As Sonny, in "Hit Me."


Scenes from "Some Kind of Wonderful."


Elias in AADA school (left), signed photo (center) and grade 8 (right)


"Then there’s his face. He looks like Robert De Niro. Almost more De Niro than De Niro. It is positively unnerving in person."

-- Cynthia Amsden, See Magazine







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